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Shipping & Returns

Shipping and handling
1. We ship worldwide. Just buy and enjoy the first class service we have delivered to your door.

2. When the time to deal with your payment, tracking number (if necessary), can be 1-4 days after the meeting. Freight depend on the weight of the product destination. We charge customers to save more money, to very low freight.

3. We offer shipping insurance to protect package against lost or damaged shipments. Although the report of any problems, we will help to solve the problem of time.

4.Flat rate delivery takes about 7-25 working days to reach the destination country in the world. However, regional differences apply, it is beyond our control, we ask our customers to be patient.

a) in the United States, Canada, Australia customers, it takes about 7-14 days.
b) In the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and most other European countries needed 7-25 working days.
C) customers in South America, it may take 15-30 days.
D) Other countries may need 15-25 days.

5. Standard shipping price, usually takes 6-10 business days to most of the countries of destination. Tracking number for each transfer point, usually 1-2 days, we will deliver the goods tracking. Sometimes it may be a slight delay, they are all below the operating results of parcel delivery can be traced. This is out of our control, so we ask our customers to be patient.

6. expedited shipping, we will take DHL, UPR transfer or another, depending on the place, in order to speed delivery; Delivery time is 3-7 days.

Please note: What is the processing time of the project?
If the order is received, each project has strict quality assurance, to ensure product quality. Please note that the different elements are handled differently in time. Under normal circumstances, the average processing time was four days (approximately), but according to the inventory of the project. Small orders, processing time is 2-7 days, and a lot of need for 3-7 days.

1. for longer trips, the rate of traffic and Hongkong Post affect the time.

2. Chinese holidays this year: Chinese New Year (usually February), Labour Day (May 1 each year), China's National Day (October 1 each year). Note that this will affect the delivery of these times, if all the suppliers and logistics service is interrupted. Often 3-4 days in order to delay or even more. We regret the delay caused in the meantime, I appeal to our customers expect.

3. Processing: To ensure the quality of products before they are sent, your preparation project. Our products have strict quality control and good packaging products.